When Do You Use The Hydro Floss?



I hope you received my last email. I did get your book and I am using the hydrofloss. It works terrific and your book is great.

I have a question. Do you brush you teeth first and then use the hydrofloss? I have been using the hydrofloss first then flossing & brushing.

Thanks again for your book.



Hi Lynn,

Great question. I use the Hydro Floss once, then I brush and floss and use the perio-aid and then I hydrofloss again it again…

Since brushing and flossing are for breaking up the plaque, you want that bacteria out. That is why I hydrofloss again at the end.

Once the plaque and bacteria is loosened up, you don’t want it floating around in your mouth. Therefore, I also use the hydrofloss at the end of my routine.

Hope that answered it.



Lynn’s Reply:

Thanks for replying so fast. That sounds like a good way to do it. I know my mouth feels so refreshed after using the hydrofloss.


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